by Stan Coffey

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Experiencing Life Before Death (1 of 8)
What Is The Point Of Life?
Stan Coffey
Ecclesiastes 1:1-3

We are beginning a brand new series entitled, "Experiencing Life Before Death." I want you to turn to the Old Testament, Ecclesiastes. Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, right after the book of Proverbs is Ecclesiastes, chapter 1 verse 1. The message is entitled, "What Is The Point of Life?"

What profit hath a man in all of his labor that he taketh under the sun? A little first grade boy came to his mother one day as she was washing dishes and asked her a question. He said, mommy, where did I come from? Well, she began to go into a detailed explanation of the reproductive organs and all that happens at conception and birth. And when she finished after about 15 or 20 minutes, he said, oh, well, Jimmy comes from Dallas! She said I had that sinking feeling that I had given the wrong answer to the question. That I was answering the question that he was not asking. But we want to answer questions that people are asking.

In the newspaper there is a big article on one of the sections, a full-page article on metaphysics. Meta means beyond, physics means physical, so beyond the physical. Metaphysics is greatly involved in what we know as the New Age Movement. And it said in human kinds quest to find the meaning of life, more and more people are turning toward metaphysics for the answer. In other words, people can't find answers in merely the physical. It went on to define metaphysics as an individual quest for people to find inner peace and to find answers in a world filled with inner turmoil. And in these next several weeks we want to be addressing those kinds of things. How to have inner peace, how to discover real happiness, how to define real purpose and real meaning in life, experiencing life before death. Folks, did you know that Jesus Christ is not just interested in adding years to your life, He wants to add life to your years. He is intere ...

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