by James Merritt

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The Paralysis of Analysis -- The Fear of Failure (1 of 6)
Series: Fear Factor
James Merritt
II Corinthians 4:7-18


1. I am beginning a series of messages today that I am entitling - fear factor. I would say practically all of us today will remember this picture which has been shown thousands of times and is seared into our memory.
[Show 9/11 picture]

If it is true that, ''A picture is worth a thousand words'' you will never see a more graphic picture of fear than this one. Psychologists and sociologists agree that since 9/11, fear has been at an all time high in America. Indeed, the entire world at times is paralyzed by fear. There is a word for the fears that literally grip us and rip us. They are called phobias. These fears literally paralyze us.

2. About a year or so ago, I was in the airport in Atlanta about to fly out. As I was walking to the gate, a young lady grabbed me my the arm and stopped me and said, ''You're James Merritt.'' I said, ''I am.'' She started weeping. She said, ''You have no idea what you've meant to my life.'' I said, ''Really?'' She then told me a fascinating story.

3. This lady is a powerful executive in a huge company. Her job requires her to fly constantly. For all of her life, she suffered what is known as aviophobia- the fear of flying. For years and years and years she said she never got on an airplane that she didn't have first to go to the restroom and literally throw up. During the entire flight, she would sweat profusely, tremble, keep her eyes closed and almost hyperventilate. One day she turned on the tv and saw me preach a message on fear and how to overcome it. She said, ''From that day forth, I gave my fear to the Lord. He replaced my fear with faith and I don't get sick anymore.''

4. There are so many phobias in America today there is even a website - that lists more than 500 human fears that people actually experience. In fact, it is estimated that there are about 5 ...

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