by James Merritt

The Passion of the Christ - The Rest of the Story
James Merritt
Matthew 27:26, 35, 54; Matthew 28:6


1. The number one question asked in this country for the last six weeks is - ‘‘Have you seen ‘The Passion’?’’ If the answer is ‘‘No’’ the next question is ‘‘Are you going to see it?’’ If the answer is ‘‘Yes’’ the next question is - ‘‘What did you think about it?’’

2. There is no question that Mel Gibson’s movie, The Passion of the Christ, is as the Spanish put it, en fuego - it is on fire! In Hollywood parlance it is a blockbuster. Geologists would give it a ‘‘10’’ on the Richter scale. Motown would say, ‘‘It is off the charts.’’

3. The Passion -
- Had the best February opening for a new release in movie history, making $83.8 million dollars its first weekend.
- It had the seventh best 3 - day opening ever.
- In its first five days, it took in $117.5 million dollars - the second best five day opening in history.
- By the end of March, it had taken in over $320 million dollars putting it in the top one hundred movies of all time.
- 45% of Americans will see it in the theaters before its run ends.
- By the end of its theatrical run, it will have had 60 million admissions in the United States alone.

4. What makes this even more amazing, beside the fact that all the major studios turned the movie down, that Mel Gibson had to spend $30 million dollars of his own money to make it, that it is an R rated film, viciously criticized for everything from being too graphic and violent, to being anti-semitic, that the movie is spoken completely in the languages of Aramaic and Latin is this - it is the story of the last 12 hours of the life of Jesus Christ. The movie in essence is about one half, of one day, of the life, of one man. This literally begs an answer to this question - Why is this day different from all others? Why will hundreds of millions of people have such passion about - ‘‘The Passion’’?

5. To answer that question, you hav ...

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