by David Burns

Spiritual Warfare
David Burns
1 Peter 5:8

I love to teach on Spiritual warfare and for those of you who have subscribed to the E-Meds for several years you have received many teachings on the subject. I realized that new subscribers have not received many teachings recently so I will be teaching on Spiritual warfare this week.

I want to share a teaching which I believe is an essential prerequisite for the other teachings. We will look at Judges 14-16 and follow the brief life of Samson. Before we do, let me lay an important foundation about Spiritual warfare.

Some Christians are under more attack than others. I've met many soldiers of Christ who are battling Satan on every level while other Christians seem untouched by his attacks. Which probably identifies the two extreme views about Spiritual warfare. While some believe Satan is under every rock, others don't believe in Satan's attacks at all. Unfortunately, both views are in error.

Satan isn't under every rock or the source behind every uncomfortable thing that happens. Yet, Scripture clearly shows that Satan is indeed alive and well, prowling around on this earth looking for some Christian to devour. It is very important to maintain balance when studying Spiritual warfare.

This balance is best achieved when we realize that it is not just our role as Christians to flush the devil out of dark places and rebuke demons in Jesus' name. It is also our role to become more like Christ. I've met many soldiers of Christ who battle Satan and all he possesses that they've forgotten the Christ-like Spirit which we are to possess.

We are not to forgo becoming more like Christ in our effort to defeat the enemy. There are many mean-spirited people, who are rebuking the devil in Jesus' name. The power of Christ comes as we live out the purpose of Christ.

The authority of Christ comes as we authenticate our lives in Christ.

To rebuke demons we must first rebuke our own demon of refusing to be mo ...

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