by Tony Nester

A Resurrection Like His
Tony Nester
Romans 6:1-5

Today we've included some personal resurrection stories in our worship time. There are as many resurrections as there are Christians.

St. Paul tells us in Romans 6:1-5 that every believer is taken by baptism into the death and resurrection of Jesus.

The Cross and the Empty Tomb are not just places to locate in Jerusalem, they are markers in our faith-walk with Jesus. Until we've been to the Cross we don't know the full depth of sin. Until we've experienced the Risen Lord, we don't realize the full extent and reach of God's saving power.

Everything that happened on Good Friday and that first Easter morning happened, says St. Paul, so that "we too might walk in newness of life."

Who here doesn't want newness of life?

I suppose there are some of you here today who could say, "My life's just fine the way it is. I'm not looking for anything new." I have nothing to say to you, other than to challenge you to look beyond your little life to larger realities.

I'm confident, however, that most of us desire some "newness of life". We live with disappointments and defeats, sorrows and grief, burdens and cares, and the injustices and evils of this world. I know some of you are here with broken hearts today. You are missing loved ones. You are trying to survive a deep hurt. You have suffered an injustice. You are looking for hope. You've been to the Cross and now you're looking for the Risen Lord.

One preacher (John Claypool) was asked by a close friend, "Does God really help a person in time of trouble?" This preacher had nine months previously suffered the death of his little daughter who had died from acute leukemia. Of course the doctors had worked to save her life, and for a while it looked like the disease was in remission. But on one Easter morning the painful symptoms of the disease resurfaced and shortly afterwards she died. The friend wanted a straight answer from this ...

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