by Jerry Vines

Come Home
Jerry Vines
II Chronicles 7:14

This is a familiar verse to many of you. It is a verse that the Lord has laid on my heart to launch this year and to launch our theme, Come Home. This is a verse which tells us to come home to God.

There are many of you perhaps who need to come to God this morning. This tells us how to do it.

This is God's message from His heart to our heart. God is saying to us, come home. We are launching our year's emphasis on the subject of come home. Every person needs three homes. You need a home for your family. You need a home for your faith. You need a home for the future. We will be talking about those three areas as we move along through the year. But here is a verse of Scripture where God is basically saying, come back to me. You have wandered away from me and it is time for you to come back to me. It is a verse about revival. America needs to come home to God, would you agree?

In my lifetime there has not been a national revival. There have been revivals in the history of America. In the 1700s there was what is known as the great awakening. It was a revival that moved mightily in the 1700s. There was a preacher from England named George Whitfield who came and preached out in the open air. Thousands of people were brought home to God.

There was a great theologian who was pastor in North Hampton, Massachusetts, named Jonathan Edwards. He preached that famous sermon, Sinners in the Hands of An Angry God. Through his preaching, thousands came to know Christ as their Savior and revival came to America in the 1700s. Out of that came some of the great universities. Rudgers, Brown University, and Princeton were established to train preachers to preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Rather interesting turn of events, wouldn't you say?

Then in the early 1800s our nation experienced a revival again. It was known by some as the great western revival. By others it was known as the second great awakening ...

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