by Jerry Vines

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A Fantastic Family Sunset (9 of 9)
Series: Fantastic Families
Jerry Vines
Luke 2:36-38

I am concluding a series of messages about the family. I have tried to touch on every area of family life that I know to touch on. This morning I want to speak on a Fantastic Family Sunset. We will talk about the sunset years. We call our senior adults The Front Runners.

I have chosen a personality in the Bible, a dear saint of God named Anna, in Luke 2. This is in the context of the birth of Jesus, Jesus being brought into the temple, and the sacrifices being made on His behalf. In that atmosphere an old saint named Simeon came and this dear saint of God, Anna, came.

There are some of you today who say that the senior years are a long way off for you and this won't apply to you. But I will assure you that if you live long enough, the sunset years will be a part of your life. It is also true that in your family setting you probably have someone who is coming to those sunset years. It may be mom or dad. It may be a grandparent. Or it may be that you have a friend who is in the senior years of life. Maybe you work around some people who would be classified as senior citizens. You may work in a particular industry that brings you in contact with people who are senior citizens. So whether I'm talking to you in particular, what I have to say is certainly going to be useful to every one of you.

We know that the senior population in America is a growing population. There are 35 million people who fall into that category. That's about 12 percent of our population. In the next 25 years that population will continue to grow, and they estimate that it will be 20 percent of the population. The lifespan of the senior citizen is increasing. In 1910 the average lifespan was 49 years. In the year 2001 the lifespan had moved up to 77.2 years. If you are 77, don't have a heart attack. That doesn't mean you just have .2 years to go. It's the average age of people who fall in this cat ...

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