by Jerry Vines

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A Fantastic Family Recovery (8 of 9)
Series: Fantastic Families
Jerry Vines
Matthew 19:3-12

In any series of messages which have to do with the subject of marriage and the family, you always have to deal with the subject of divorce. It is a subject which affects virtually every one of us in this building today. Maybe you have experienced a divorce. Maybe your parents have been divorced. Maybe you have sons or daughters who have gone through a divorce. You may have family members, friends, or acquaintances who have experienced divorce. We know it is a subject that has to be dealt with if we are going to deal with the family.

The statistics of divorce are enormous in America. Divorce has rapidly increased in our society to the point that we have the highest divorce rate of any nation in the world. At the present time the divorce rate in America is higher than it has ever been in our history. About half of all marriages in America will end in divorce they say. The median age for divorce is about 28. It is rather an appalling statistic to note that the Bible-belt states have the highest rate of divorce. I have also read that in evangelical congregations divorce is even higher than it is in the general population.

That's difficult to accept. We certainly don't want to believe that is the case.

Another rather interesting statistic I ran across is this. Sixty-four percent of all of the friends who participated in someone's wedding believe that the couple would not make it and would eventually divorce.

I'm dealing with a subject today which has a number of statistics around it.

Under all that pile of statistics I have given to you are real people who are experiencing real pain and going through real heartache, and they have been crushed by the matter of divorce.

As I speak on the subject of divorce I think you understand it is not an easy subject with which to deal. It is certainly not an easy matter for a preacher to talk about the subject of divo ...

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