by Jerry Vines

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A Fantastic Family Homecoming (7 of 9)
Series: Fantastic Families
Jerry Vines
Luke 15:11

I talked to you last week about the matter of bringing up your children. Whether you are a believer or not, if you have children, I am sure it is the great desire of you that your children turn out well and be everything you have tried to teach and train them to be. If you are a Christian parent, I am sure you not only want them to turn out well, but you want them to be saved and live for the Lord. You want them to be faithful to the church and be everything that a godly person would be intended to be.

Yet the reality of the matter for all is that in many instances it doesn't turn out that way at all. There are some of you who have prodigal sons and daughters. We know that young people in America are a great area of concern for all of us. Over a million young people run away from home every year. I know some of that is because of abuse or families where there is a great deal of turmoil. But I think it is true also that there are some people who leave home that have a good home and a solid family with stability. But for whatever reasons they decide they will go the prodigal route and take the journey to the far country.

For some of you who have prodigal sons and daughters it may have come totally unexpected. You got a phone call one night and they said we have your boy over here at the jail. We have picked him up for drugs. Or maybe there was a knock at your door and a police officer stood there and said to you we have picked up your daughter for DUI. Or maybe your daughter has moved out into an apartment of her own and you decided one day to go over and check and see how she was doing. You ring the doorbell and a strange man came to the door and you discover that this was her live-in boyfriend. That's the first knowledge you ever had that you have a prodigal daughter or son.

I want to talk to you about prodigal sons or daughters today. You may be a parent with a ...

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