by Jerry Vines

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A Fantastic Family Wife and Mom (5 of 9)
Series: Fantastic Families
Jerry Vines
Ephesians 5:21-24

Families, in America, are in a great deal of trouble. Children, in America, are in a great deal of trouble. Very often, problem children are the result of problem parents. When parents are fighting, quarreling, selfish, and dysfunctional, they tend to let loose on society children who are quarreling, fighting, selfish and dysfunctional.

The key to children in the family is always the parents in the family and the husband and wife relationship. So a great deal of Scripture has to do with husband and wife relationship, the responsibilities of the parents, because that impacts what the children learn and the lessons they are given.

Last week I talked about how to be a fantastic husband and dad. The primary responsibility for the home, interestingly enough, is placed upon the man. We have discovered that the Bible teaches very clearly that the man is to be a sacrificial kind of person. The Bible tells us that the man is to love his wife, he is to love his family, and he is to do so sacrificially. Men are to love their wife and family as Christ loved the church and gave Himself for it. It's a love which is a sacrificial love.

The man in the family has the harder responsibility. So the key word in terms of the responsibility of the man is the word "sacrifice," a sacrificing love.

There is a key word in terms of the responsibility of the wife. You will find it in several places in the Scriptures as I'm going to show you this morning. I have looked at the word in all translations. I have looked at the Greek meaning of the word. I have tried to find some way to soften the situation. But I have discovered that there is no way around it.

Remember that I'm the postman. I just deliver the message. If you don't like the letter, don't get mad at the postman. Get mad at the person who sent the letter.

Do you understand where I'm coming from? I want to get out ...

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