by Jerry Vines

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Formula for a Fantastic Family (1 of 9)
Series: Fantastic Families (1 of 9)
Jerry Vines
Matt. 19:4-6, Genesis 2:18-24

I'm beginning some studies I have entitled, Fantastic Families. How you can have a fantastic family!

Looking back over my preaching in recent years, I have preached through many books of the Bible and a variety of studies. But I have noticed the fact that I have been consistently coming back to the subject of marriage and the family. I think the reason I have is because the needs are so great in our contemporary culture. Marriages are in trouble. Families are in trouble. We need all of the help we can get from God's Word to undergird and strengthen our families.

One of our teachers in our Children's Ministry came to me right before the service today and told me about one of the children coming in so happy today. The child's mom and dad were planning to get a divorce, and with a marvelous work of the Lord they have been able to put that marriage back together and this child is going to have a mom and a dad in that family. Isn't that marvelous! Don't you thank God for that!
If I can be used of the Lord to help some folks get their marriages together and have fantastic families, then I will be very, very grateful and thankful to the Lord.

I shared with you last Sunday night that I had been reading an article about people who came to Christ and what their thoughts were as they were facing death. In those articles those who were facing death, without fail, their thoughts would turn to their family and to God. In that article there was a story about a man who shared this. He was having some difficulties on his job and it looked like he might even lose his job. He was called by the CEO of the company to come to headquarters. He made the plane arrangements and was greatly troubled about it. That's all he could think about, his job and job security. Which of course is a very important and vital matter. He got on the plane and as the plane was ...

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