by Stan Coffey

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Help for Hurting People
Where is God When I Hurt?
Stan Coffey
Psalm 139:7-10

Today if you have your Bible I want us to study from Psalm 139 and we will be looking at several passages today. I am speaking about help for hurting people. And today I want to talk about, "Where Is God When I Hurt?" Have you ever wondered that? It seems like God is far away sometimes if we really be honest. When we are hurting and need God the most, sometimes we can't sense His presence. Sometimes we are not sure of His love and sure of His grace. And so, that is a question that people ask over and over again. When I am hurting where is God? Psalm 139:7 answers that question because it speaks of the omnipresence of God. And all through the Bible we learn that God is omnipresent, that God is everywhere. And that is what David is talking about. You ask somebody where is God? They might say, well, God is in heaven. That is partly true. Or God is in my heart that is partly true. There are some people who believe God lives in church buildings and that is the only place God lives. That is not right. The Bible says that He doesn't dwell in temples made with the hands of men, but God dwells in the temple of your body through the Holy Spirit. Where is God when you need Him?

You know, it is sort of mind boggling when you think about the omnipresence of God, that God is everywhere, that He is transcendent. Did you ever stop to think that God doesn't have to go anywhere He is already there? And God is a God who is present no matter where you are. The Bible says that He is everywhere. That you can't hide yourself in a secret place from God. Even though it be the depth of the sea, God would be there. Even though it would be the grave, God would be there. Wherever you go, God is. There is no point in the entire universe where God is not. Not just the earth, but also the whole universe, where God is not. God is everywhere.

So in a sense, it is impossible for Go ...

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