by Stan Coffey

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Help for Hurting People (2 of 6)
Saying Good-bye To Guilt
Stan Coffey
Psalm 32:1

Today if you have your Bible, I want to invite your attention to Psalm 32. And I want to speak in the series on "Help for Hurting People." And specifically on the subject, "Saying Good-bye To Guilt." I think that one of the most difficult things that a Christian has to contend with is the problem of guilt. You know we get saved, we know we know the Lord and we know for sure if we died we would go to heaven and there is no doubt about our eternal security, we are confident in the promises of God, but whenever we sin and whenever we fail and whenever we stumble, we find ourselves laboring under condemnation, under guilt. You know what I mean. You know, we fumble and we stumble. And we say things we shouldn't say. And we do things we shouldn't do. And we fly off at the handle and we give people a piece of our mind. And we don't need to do that, because we need all of it, we don't need to give any of it away, amen? But we do all these kinds of things and then we go through a time when we really suffer from guilt, our conscious naturally if it is a conscious that is informed by the Holy Spirit is going to trouble us whenever we sin. And that part is good, but one of the problems is Christians continue to labor under condemnation even after they have confessed their sin and placed it under the blood of Christ. It seems to continue to haunt them. Now in Psalm 32:1 David utters a great truth.

Now the word blessed means happy, to be highly favored, to be congratulated. And so he says, happy is the person who lives above regret, who lives without remorse, who lives without dwelling on past mistakes, whose sin is forgiven, whose past is covered. He said this is a happy man. And I don't think that we can be happy in the Christian life that we will have a great deal of emotional hurt and psychological hurt in our life unless we know how to release the past, how to be free ...

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