by Fred Lowery

Chest of Joash
Dr. Fred Lowery

I am asking God to help me to know how I can double my offering. Because I am excited about what God is doing. I want to pass the test. So it is a test. It is sacrificial and the third thing it is to meet a need. It is to meet a need and to make a statement. It is to meet a need and make a statement.

You say what do you mean, meet a need? Well we have all seen the parking out there and we had a tremendous need out there and we have paved this entire parking lot and so now we have to pay that bill and that is the way the system works. So we have to raise 150,000 to meet a need and to pay the bill. But what God laid on my heart this past week there is a place on East Texas that has bothered me for ten years. It has been one bar after another. For a long time every Saturday and early Sunday morning we would have to have a crew out there cleaning up the beer bottles and cans and stuff left on our parking lot because they parked here because they can't park over there at the bar.

The last bar was called the Stumble Inn, interesting name. Stumble Inn...stumble out... Well I got word that another word that another bar was going to go in there. And I thought that just doesn't need to happen. We need to buy that property and we need to buy it immediately so that we know that another bar is not going in there and we can get down that sign that says Stumble Inn.

But when I say make a statement, we have a task force that has been seeking God's direction and God's wisdom and we have been praying for months that if God wants us to go west that He will provide property to the West of us so we can build here on this location and stay in this location. I think we need to make a statement and buy that one acre to tell God we will follow you west. We will do our part. We want to move forward. And so when I got to thinking about that I got excited about it and I got with the task force and they got excited ...

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