by Fred Lowery

How to Bless Your Family
Fred Lowry
Isaiah 43:18; Philippians 3:13; 1 John 1:9

You know so many things have happened in 2003 that if I spent my time today talking about them I would spend the entire time just to mention all the big things that happened in 2003. So I don't have time to go into -- but I will say listening to the rhetoric of the presidential candidates, I think it may be the year of ridiculous states.

Howard Dean who makes Hillary Clinton seem like a conservative. You say you can't say that from the pulpit. I just did. He is going to South Carolina and since he is going to South Carolina he is going to put Jesus in his speeches. He likes Jesus -- he is a good man -- he just doesn't care anything about the Bible -- that is crazy.

And just let me mention about three crazy statements that I heard -- Baghdad Bob the minister of information. I triple guarantee you there are no Americans in Baghdad. You heard it this year. Sadaam Hussein when they pulled him out of that spider hole he said "I am Sadaam Hussein, president of Iraq, I am willing to negotiate." That is crazy. He had been listening and believing his information from the minister.

But my favorite statement this year was from our own Mr. Bremer from Bagdhad, Ladies and Gentlemen, we got him! But then another crazy statement from Michael Jackson, I know you are getting nervous already aren't you. It is fine for a man to sleep with somebody else's children. When I see children I see the face of God.

Three things I want to say about that. 1) That is crazy. That is not appropriate. 2) I don't trust any man who wears lipstick; 3)Never, never, never let your children go to Neverland. So that is enough about the year of crazy statements. Let's talk about the new year.

Somebody was telling me about their little three-year old who was running around the house singing, "we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New You! I like that because that is pr ...

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