by Fred Lowery

Are We Really That Bad?
Fred Lowery
Romans 3

We are in the Book of Romans. We have made it to begin Chapter Three -- a great -- great chapter. It gets better as we move through the third chapter of Romans and it gets better as we move on through. You are in the hardest section of Romans now. There are a couple of other hard parts in the middle of it. This is the part that we have to kind of wade through but it has so much for us and we want to just get what God has for us as we look at this third chapter. Our key verse is 3:9.

Hans Christian Anderson has a story about an emperor who was rather vain and he was into appearance and clothing and those these two clever philosophers got together and came up with the scheme -- they were really con men and they came to him and said we want to weave you a rare and costly garment. The most beautiful and incredible garment any man has ever worn. It will cost you. It will be worth it. He especially liked their promise that the garment would be invisible except for those who were wise and had a pure heart. He liked that.

So the delighted emperor commissioned the making of these costly garments and they began to work on the garments supposedly. So the emperor became a little impatient and he sent his chief minister to check on his garments and when he got over there he found busy but empty looms. Of course he didn't want anybody to think that he was unwise or impure so he came back and said the garments are incredibly beautiful. Well a little more time went by and the weavers were asking for more money so he sent his next #2 guy over to check on the garments and he goes over there and he comes back with even more wonderful reports of the beauty of these garments.

So next the emperor went himself. When he got there he didn't see anything but he certainly didn't want anybody to think he was impure and so he began to rave the beauty of these garments. He went on and on. In fact he gave t ...

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