by Stan Coffey

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How to Keep You Marriage & Family Going & Growing (8 of 8)
God's Forever Family
Dr. Stan Coffey
Ephesians 3:14-15

Today I am bringing the last in a series of messages on "How To Keep Your Marriage and Family Going and Growing." Turn in your Bible to Ephesians 3:14-15 and today I am speaking on "God's Forever Family."

It doesn't take a genius to see the family, as we have known it traditionally is under siege. The family is going through tremendous changes in our country as well as around the world. Many of the problems facing the family were unknown to the generation before it and yet today, the traditionally family with the father who is the bread winner and the mother who is the homemaker and children who grow up in a home where they have the same parents all of their life is unknown to many, many people in our world today. Fifty percent of the marriages end in divorce, children grow up many of them, in single parent homes. As a result of this, children and youth have been affected in so many ways by so many pressures that those of us who grew up a generation ago did not know. The stress today on the family is unprecedented in our national history. One woman said, why do I need a home, I was born in a hospital, educated in school, courted in an automobile, married in a church. She said, I eat all my meals as fast foods or in a delicatessen, I spend my mornings on the golf course, my afternoons at the bridge club. I spend my evenings at the movies and when I die I will be cremated and buried in an urn. I don't need a home; all I need is a garage in which to park my car. And many people can identify with that. It seems we are so busy today, that the home, the family is never together.

And as I have preached these messages about what God intended for the family, I have been a little bit fearful that there would be a response from many, well, pastor that is fine for the ideal family. I wish I could have grown up in a family like that or I wi ...

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