by Stan Coffey

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Is It Scriptural to Divorce and Remarry? (7 of 8)
Series: How to Keep Your Marriage and Family Going and Growing
Stan Coffey
Matthew 19:3-9

This morning I am going to continue my series of messages on ''How To Keep Your Marriage And Family Going And Growing.'' Today as you are finding Matthew 19: 3 I am going to speak on ''Is It Scriptural to Divorce and Remarry?''

Now, in this series on the family, I have endeavored as I always want to do to build the walls around marriage high as I can, as thick as I can, as strong as I can, and I want everybody who is married to do everything they can to preserve and protect that marriage and to build that marriage. I want to do everything I can to discourage divorce because divorce is a very serious matter spiritually, it is a very serious matter socially and so we want to do everything we can to hold high the biblical ideal of marriage that Jesus set forth in this passage of scripture.

An yet, I also want to speak to those who are going through a divorce or some of you today who have been touched by divorce and really that includes all of us because almost everybody in our society today has either had a divorce in their family maybe some of you had parents who got divorced and you saw them go through that tragic experience or you have been through one or you are going through one at this particular time. After having gone through one you are wondering what can I do now about my life. If I get married again, will I be doing something that is against God's will? Will I be doing something that is not in line with what Jesus taught in scripture? So I want to bring a message today to encourage you, I want to bring a message today to instruct you about what God's word has to say. One of the great questions is, if I divorced and I remarried or if I do so, will I be living in adultery? Many people carry tremendous guilt out of marriage into another marriage. And it does serious harm to that marriage. And I think there are ...

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