by Stan Coffey

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How to Keep Your Marriage & Family Going & Growing (2 of 8)
Marriage Games You Can't Afford To Play
Dr. Stan Coffey
James 1:19

If you have your Bible this morning I want to invite your attention to one verse for the message today on "Games Married People Can't Afford To Play. Marriage games you can't afford to play in the series on the family, "How to Keep your Family Going and Growing – Marriage Games You Can't Afford to Play." In James 1:19 there is a word to the church but it also applies to our home, my how it does apply to our home.

I want to ask you this morning about your relationship. Is your relationship within your home between husband and wife a duel or is it a duet? I believe that in this scripture there is power, there is truth to turn the duel that goes on in most homes into a duet. Is it normal for married people to have conflict? Yes it is. I mean we can look holy and we can talk holy on Sunday morning but we know that there are going to be times when we get into it, no matter who we are. In our marriage we are going to have some of those friendly discussions that can be heard six blocks away. And the matter is not whether or not we have these discussions or whether we get into it, but how we deal with conflict is what is so very important.

Conflict is going to come into a home, even into a home where people are dedicated to the Lord. Now some people are just into it all the time. They are constantly in conflict. You would think they were married to the secretary of war. They are just always at one another's throats. But the Bible tells us here how to deal with that. It says we need to be swift to hear, slow to speak and slow to wrath. In other words, we need to tune in; we need to be swift to hear. We need to tone down, that is we need to be slow to speak and we need to be slow to wrath. That is, we need to sweeten up. We need to tune in, we need to tone down, and we need to sweeten up in the way we deal with conflic ...

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