by Stan Coffey

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How to Keep Your Marriage & Family Going & Growing (1 of 8)
Before Divorce – Try Marriage
Dr. Stan Coffey
Ephesians 5:22-33

If you have your Bible this morning turn to Ephesians 5 as we begin a brand new series of messages on how to keep your marriage and family going and growing. All of know that family values have very much been in the news and the question is whose family values? The answer for us has to be the standard set in the word of God, Amen? As we begin this series the very first message is entitled, "Before Divorce – Try Marriage." And the reason I have asked you to turn to Ephesians 5 is that we have the greatest material on God's clarity regarding marriage. I don't believe marriage has failed; I think marriage has not been tried in many, many cases. Sometimes we think we have tried marriage, but we tried it our way and not God's way. And the Bible says, except the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain that build it. So I hope this morning we can discover a principle upon which we can keep our marriages growing and our families growing toward Christ.

When Zig Ziglar spoke he talked about the fact that a survey has been taken which shows that the decline in productivity of the American worker can be directly related to conflict within his marriage and family relationships. See, if Satan can attack us in our marriage, in our home life, it affects every single area of our life. And I have found that in studying the subject that the attack of Satan and the conflicts that come in our relationships in marriage and the family come because of three reasons. Number one a lack of consideration; number two a lack of communication; and number three a lack of commitment. But the good news is God has a plan for us to better be sensitive to one another, to be more sensitive to each other, to be more considerate to one another. God has a plan for us to better communicate with one another and God has a plan for the power, the kind of commitmen ...

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