by Jesse Hendley

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His Resurrection and Ours (5 of 6)
Jesus Series
Jesse M. Hendley
First Corinthians 15

"Except I shall see in his hands the print of the nails, and put my finger into the print of the nails, and thrust my hand into his side, I will not believe." So Thomas wasn't there. Jesus appeared to the others, Thomas was absent.

And then we read, After that he was seen of about five hundred brethren at once of whom the greater part, Paul said, remain of this present time, but some have fallen asleep. Paul said when he wrote the letter to the Corinthians, there are at least 250 people alive that saw Jesus on a mountain in Galilee after he arose from the dead. Don't you know, my friends that if that were not true, somebody would have brought it out. People hated Jesus. They were hunting for everything in the world. The Roman soldiers were paid money by the authorities to say we went to sleep and the disciples came and stole him away. Can you imagine that? Can you imagine what a Roman authority would do to a Roman soldier that fell asleep on the job as a soldier? But the authorities of Rome paid their soldiers money to say "We fell asleep and they took his body away."

Now, Paul says when I'm writing, "He appeared on a mountain to five hundred and there are at least 250 people alive right now that saw Jesus on that mountain in Galilee after His crucifixion, when He arose from the dead. There were 500 people there, that is what he said.

Now he says in verse seven, After that He was seen of James, who's James? James is the Lord's half brother. And they didn't believe on Him. When Jesus was preaching, Mary came around and the brothers and sisters of Jesus to take Him away saying He is beside Himself. He has gone stark mad. His own brothers and sisters did not believe in Him until the resurrection, and James became one of the greatest pillars in the church of Jerusalem after he met Jesus at the resurrection. He was converted upon the resurrection of ...

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