by Jesse Hendley

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His Atoning Death (4 of 6)
Jesus Series
Jesse M. Hendley
Matthew 27

I want us to think about the atonement that Jesus Christ made. I want us to look tonight at the Lord of the cross, dying for my sins and yours. Christ's death in relationship to me. The first thing I want us to think about tonight is: Why He must die? Why must Jesus go to the cross? The answer to that is God's holiness demanded it. You don't hear much about the holiness of God today. But God is holy. This knowledge is needed this hour in which we are living, where sin is rampant on every side. There is so much careless living among people who claim to be children of God. The holiness of God demanded the death of the Lord Jesus Christ. God is holy, never thinks wrong, does wrong, speaks wrong. You and I are sinners, we think wrong, speak wrong and do wrong. How in the world do we expect to go and live with a perfect God when we are sinners and He is everything we are not. Ladies and gentlemen, God is not like us. He is not going to come down and become a sinner. We've got to become like Him, if we expect to go to heaven. God is absolutely holy and His holiness demanded the death of Jesus on the cross for our sins.

The second thing I would like to remind you of is His righteousness required it. His holiness demanded it because He is absolutely holy. He charges his angels with folly and even the stars are not pure in His sight. His righteousness demands it. Now listen to me, please. God is not like men. We pass over sin. You know, just pass over sin. We forgive sin. There is a sense in which God does not forgive sin. God never forgives sin. God strikes it. God kills it. God's righteousness is inflexible. God's righteousness demands a punishment for sin. God does not pass over sin, He kills it. And when God says "The wages of sin is death," He means it. Somebody has to die. Either I die and go to hell or I take Jesus dying in my place. God's righteousness is ...

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