by Jesse Hendley

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The Greatest Sin in the World – Rejection of Christ (2 of 2)
Jesse M. Hendley
Isaiah 53:3

In Isaiah 53:3 we read, "He is despised and rejected of men." We have been studying the greatest sin in the world, which is the REJECTION of Jesus Christ.

We found out that the rejection of Jesus Christ is a refusal to let Him come into the innermost being, the mind, the heart, the soul, and take up His residence and turn over the very throne of our lives to the Lord Jesus Christ. That is what it means to REJECT Him. It has nothing to do with walking down a church aisle. You can walk down every aisle of every church in the world and still go to hell. You must RECEIVE JESUS into your HEART. It is RECEIVING HIM, into your heart, that God wants and you can do that anywhere. You can do it this moment. You can do it in an airplane flying in the skies, in a submarine under the seas, walking over the land, in a house, in the open air, anywhere, anytime. You must open your mind and your heart and your soul and all your inner being, and reach out and take the Lord Jesus Christ into your heart.

Rejection of Him is the refusal to let Him come into your innermost being! We have studied some of the things that happen to a person who rejects Jesus Christ. We continue that thought today.

A person who rejects the Lord Jesus Christ, friends, throws an insult into the face of God Almighty by calling Him a Liar. In First John 5 God's Word makes it very plain that if we believe WHAT MEN SAY (if we believe the witness of men) THE WITNESS OF GOD IS GREATER than men. We ought to believe God MORE than we believe men. This shows what real sin is: DISBELIEF! A refusal to BELIEVE.

You say, 'I cannot believe." Oh, yes, you can. EVERYONE can believe. For God to COMMAND us to do something under the pain of hell if we do not do it, and then not give us THE CAPABILITY of doing it, would make God a monster. I say to you, YOU CAN believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. YOU CAN receive Him. YOU CAN ...

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