by Jesse Hendley

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The Call of the Christ (2 of 2)
Jesse M. Hendley
Mark 10:28

In Mark 10:28 we have Jesus saying, "Follow Me," to Peter. Jesus walked by and said to men, "Follow Me." He had already called His disciples and they followed Him. Then Peter began to say to Him, "Lord, we HAVE left all and followed Thee." And Jesus said to them, "Ye shall receive a hundred-fold now, and in the world-to-come ETERNAL LIFE."

Following Jesus is a choice! Following Jesus involves leaving all, which simply means putting Christ FIRST, before any other person or thing or desire. This thing of following Christ isn't as simple as it looks. It isn't enough to look at it forthe first time and think we know what it means. We must dig down and see what it MEANS.

As Peter said, "Lord, we HAVE left everything and are traveling with You on Your pathway." "Follow Me" in its root meaning means to travel with someone on a journey, and Jesus says, "I am on a journey to heaven, and if you will be My companion you will wind up in heaven. But if you go your road, you will wind up in hell." Peter said, "Lord, we have left ALL and are following Thee."

Let me remind you that if traveling with Jesus is hard in this world, there will be a receiving of a hundred-fold NOW and in the world-to-come ETERNAL LIFE." The unsaved man, all he gets is this temporary life with its trials and pleasures that soon fade out, and then hell. But the man who walks with Christ in this world on the pathway to heaven receives a hundred-fold already in this world. I have already received a hundred-fold. I have learned what Love really is, the Love of Jesus Christ. I have learned the Heart of God. I have learned things that no books of this earth, or M.I.T. could teach me. 0h, I tell you, I have LEARNED things from the Lord. I have been ENRICHED in heart! I don't know how people LIVE without Christ. It's because they are ignorant of this life; they don't know any better. They just don't know any bet ...

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