by Jesse Hendley

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The Blood of God (2 of 2)
Jesse M. Hendley
First John 1:9

We are focusing attention on the BLOOD of the Lord Jesus Christ. We have called your attention to the importance of the BLOOD. Why is the Blood so important to us? We go back 1900 centuries and see Him dying on the cross. We see the Blood flowing from His body drip by drip. The Blood of Jesus! Think about one day when blood came your way, when you were wounded, something happened and your garments were stained with blood, or perhaps your child had an accident and blood flowed, and you became excited. We all become alarmed when BLOOD is let loose, because we recognize that LIFE is in the blood, and that that is LIFE flowing away! LIFE is in danger when the blood flows.

We are studying WHY the Blood of Jesus is so important. Why does the New Testament INSIST upon the Blood of Jesus and our TRUSTING that Blood, and our COMING TO that Blood? Why is it so important?The reason why the Blood of Jesus is so important is that it is the blood of SUBSTITUTION. "What do you mean by the Blood of substitution?" I mean that Jesus was dying there IN MY PLACE. I mean that the wages of sin is death, that sin demands the death penalty, and that JESUS came and died IN MY PLACE. He took the penalty for MY sin. He is MY Substitute. He took my place. He was my Representative. It cannot be done now, but in the civil war and in other wars a man was able to BUY some other man to take his place in the war, some other man who would be willing to take his place in the line and fight in the battle in his stead. Many a time that man did not escape from the battle but was killed; he died in another's place. And the man who BOUGHT that man to go and take his place in the line and in the battle, the man who sent him, the man who PURCHASED him, could say, "That man died in my place. He was my substitute." But, beloved, you can't do that now in the armed services. Every man has to go for himself and take his own place. But that was j ...

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