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The Christian Pathway (8 of 9)
Are You a 'Peacemaker?'
Gerald D. Branch
Matthew 5:9
What is a "PEACEMAKER?"
According to the Greek-English Lexicon for the New Testament, the Biblical peacemaker is 'one who works for peace among who works for reconciliation between persons, but not to cause wars to cease.'
[40.5 e?????p????, ?? m: (derivative of e?????p???? 'to make peace,' 40.4) a person who restores peace between people--'peacemaker, one who works for peace.' µa?????? ?? e?????p???? 'happy are those who work for peace among people' Mt 5.9. Though in Mt 5.9 the cessation of war is by no means excluded, the focus of meaning of e?????p???? is reconciliation between persons and not primarily to cause wars to cease.]

The Peacemaker...God says, BLESSED are such people. And do you know something? We Christians are called to be peacemakers...this is to be a part of our character! This is WHO we are! And this is one of those NOT INVISIBLE Characteristics...This characteristic is NOT is VISIBLE in our lives...
The question then becomes...are you a peacemaker?
If you know not only SHOULD be...Not only that...You CAN be one!

Like everything else we've already seen as we've been digging into the truths of the Sermon on the Mount...Here again, being a peacemaker requires that one is a Christian, which is why it is impossible to try to impose the Beatitudes on unbelievers as a 'moral code.'

Once again, just like all the other Beatitudes we've been looking at, this is IMPOSSIBLE without the filling of the Holy Spirit. And a person does not have that filling, unless he or she has accepted Jesus, and their life has been changed.

And just like we've already seen, all the Beatitudes are LINKED through the working of God in a surrendered-to-Christ person's life:
• a person has to be poor in spirit in order to be merciful;
• you have to be mourning over sin in order to be poor in heart;
• and you have ...

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