by Jerry Branch

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The Christian Pathway (6 of 9)
Could You Use Some 'Mercy?' Maybe It's Time to Revisit the Cross.
Gerald D. Branch
Matthew 5:7

We've come to a real turning point as we come to Matthew 5:7. Up until now, we've found that the Sermon on the Mount, and those Beatitudes which we've looked at, have brought us to a realization...both a hard realization as well as a 'freeing up' realization...we've been brought to realize that it is impossible to
"try to be" a other words...being a Christian is NOT a 'do' is a 'BEING' is "a Christ living in and through us life"...Not something we have to 'try harder at'...and the sooner we realize that all the 'doing Christian or churchy-type things' won't get us into heaven, nor does it impress the Lord, the sooner then, we get set free and start living in the Power of the Holy Spirit...
which comes about as we realize just how much we NEED Jesus to do the living through us, and we turn loose of our lives, and give Jesus full control in them...
this is when the Holy Spirit starts to work in us, to guide us, to even lift us by His power, so that we finish the journey in style.

So here we are climbing the Sermon on the Mount Mountain, Letting the Holy Spirit guide us up and up...So now we're brought to this verse, another one, which is totally impossible, Especially if you are not living the ones that went before it...

In fact, you know something?...Have you ever questioned whether or not you're really a Christian? If you do, or if you're ever wondering whether or not you've been saved...then let the Holy Spirit give you a test...let Him take the whole set of Beatitudes and measure you as a Test by the Word of God to see if your Christian profession is in fact genuine, or if it is just words you know you're supposed to say.

In fact, here's another quick test is to see what are you thinking right now...How's your attitude about letting these Beatitudes speak to you today? ...

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