by Jerry Branch

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Gentleness - How to Get It Back into Our Lives (4 of 9)
Series: The Christian Pathway
Jerry Branch
Matthew 5:5

Most of us remember watching the Superman Television series or the Superman movies. Remember who Superman was in his everyday life? He was Clark Kent, the gentle, mild reporter.

Even Clark Kent was meek and mild…he showed Gentleness…some would call it 'wimpy' or weak…but…Maybe we need to be like Superman in his daily life…and get Gentleness back in our lives….I want us to look at this today…How do we get Gentleness into our lives? he Lord, Jesus Christ teaches us exactly how to do so in the Sermon on the Mount.

Today, we're going to examine Matthew 5:5, which says, Blessed are the gentle, because they will inherit the earth. Matt 5:5 (HCSB)

As I've stated several times these past weeks, the Sermon on the Mount, is something we just are NOT able to live out on our own…you'll remember, I said it is a lot like the Sermon on the Mount is a MOUNTAIN, and this mountain comes to us and says, Hey…you…since you're a Christian, you've got to climb me…it's part of who you are…so…being a good Christian…what do we do?

We make a running start at it…but that doesn't work…and the reason it does not work is that we've got to start our climb, by first admitting to ourselves and confessing to God that we just cannot do it on our own…we have to admit, that living this is IMPOSSIBLE on our own…we must recognize that it is an impossible feat even for Superman…therefore, instead, we must first come, emptied out…ready for the Lord to FILL us…ready for HIM to take us on this climb…

And then as we do so, with that emptiness, we're able to reach up, and grab onto that second ledge, and gain some solid footing…and when we reach that ledge…that Second BEATITUDE…we pause and reflect…and we look around, but rather than feeling like we've really done something, because of our emptiness…we start to mourn…we start to mourn over our own sins…those things we try to put ...

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