by Robert Walker

Overcoming Stress
Robert Walker
Genesis 18:1-14

One day a man went by to see a farmer who was plowing his field with a team of oxen. The man noticed that one of the animals was seemingly a little bigger than the other so he asked him about it.

The response from the farmer was very interesting. He said that the big animal was an older animal that was well trained and the smaller one was a young animal that was new to the yoke.

The man went on to inquire as to why he put them together and this is the answer that He got,

"Well you see, it's like this. That older ox is the best ox that I have ever had; he knows his way around the field. The reason I put the younger one with him is so the older, more knowledgeable ox could teach him how to plow.

If I never put them together the younger one would never learn. By himself the younger ox would pull himself to death, but together he learns to cooperate with and rest in the strength of the older ox."

Well my message is "Overcoming stress"? Maybe your feel like the ox that is pulling himself to death.

Jesus Christ knew that there would be hard times. He knew there would be pain. He knew there would be persecution but you can take it because He is your strength.

There is a lesson to learn from the rubber band. If stretched, it will return to its normal, relaxed position when the external force is removed.

Well let me share 5 things that will remove the stress and place you in a relaxed position.

In many cases these concepts we just leave out all together.


Peter Drucker, in The Effective Executive says, "for most of us the problem is not "priorities" as much as it is "posteriorities."

By this he means what we choose to "leave out."

There is two different ways that you can live life. I find that many times life has got a grasp on you instead of you having a grasp on life. There is no way to live life without the Holy Spirit of God enabling you experience the powe ...

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