by Robert Walker

Overcoming Sin
Robert Walker
Luke 7:36-50


Tradition tells us that Abraham Lincoln went to a slave auction, and he noticed a rather attractive black woman who was about to be auctioned off. So he began bidding. The bidding went back and forth until finally he had purchased her. They brought her over to him, and he instructed them to take the shackles off her wrists and ankles. Then he said to her, ''You are free to go.''

She looked at him and said, ''You mean that I don't have to go home with you?'' He said, ''No, you don't.'' She said, ''You mean that I don't have to do what you tell me to do, or say what you tell me to say?'' ''That's right.'' ''You mean I don't have to be your slave, I don't have to put up with your whims and your fancies?'' He said, ''No, you don't. You are free to go.''

She bowed her head, and tears started coursing down her cheeks. She looked up at Abraham Lincoln and said, ''Then I guess I'll go with you.''

This message is about ''a Woman who was a great sinner. We are all sinners without exception. We don't need to look down our long noses at other people. We all are sinners in need of a Savior. There was something wrong with our first birth. We were born sons of Adam, not sons of God. Our birth was marred by the fall of Adam.

And the first thing we are told about this woman is that she is a sinner. Notice, then:


In verse 47 we are told that her sins were ''many ''. She was a particular kind of sinner and she was known for the nature of hers.

She was a harlot. For every woman who is guilty of this sin, some man is involved. The tragedy is, however, that usually the man goes free but not always. God will not let him go free - read Gal 6:7 and look at Revelation 21:8.

This woman was completely enslaved by her sin.


She was a servant of sin. She was a slave of Satan. She would be the captive of Satan until someone set her free. And ther ...

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