by Robert Walker

Dynamic Experiences
Robert Walker
Acts 26


I. Paul Experienced a Dynamic Conviction
II. Paul Experienced a Dynamic Change
III. Paul Experienced a Dynamic Compulsion


Some years ago, a young Jewish man from the United States decided to go to Israel and live. After working there for two years he was required to serve in the army for a given period of time or return home.

He decided to join the army. His father was a good friend of an Israeli general, who at first was afraid the young man would use that friendship to secure an easy, safe assignment.

Instead, he went to the general and said, "My present duty is too easy. I want to be in the finest, most strategic, diligent, and difficult regiment in the Israeli army."

Commenting on that spirit of dedication, the general said, "People think Israelis are so successful at war because we are a super people, or that we have super intellect or super strength. But our success is not build on any of those things; it is built on commitment, unreserved and sacrificial commitment.
Sermon Illustrated (Holland, Ohio, #3508-3511, 11/88.26)

Well we are in an army and it is the finest, most strategic, diligent, and difficult regiment in the entire world. We are fighting a spiritual warfare and our success also is built on commitment and sacrifice.

I want us to see three things from a man that is to be example of a warrior fighting the most important battle. It is the battle for men's soul. In other words "The Witnessing Life in a Wayward World."

In acts 26 Paul is giving his testimony before Agrippa and Festus, telling them of what's happened in his life. And in verse 19 he declares, "I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision."

In those words he's telling us that life must be built on commitment, and that there has been a wonderful change in his life. And what a dramatic change it was. Yet what was behind that dramatic change? He has a new life, a new love, and a new l ...

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