by Jerry Vines

Getting Fit for 2004
Ordination Service
Jerry Vines
II Timothy 3:10-17

This message is intended to be an encouragement and a blessing to these men who are going to be ordained as deacons and those who are going to be ordained to the Gospel ministry. Also, it is a message for all of us as we launch the new year. I'm going to talk to you about getting fit for 2004. Are you in shape? Are you getting fit for the year 2004?
Look at II Timothy 4, verse 10 and following. Let me read these verses for you.
They tell me that the best month of the year for fitness centers is the month of January. That's the month when everybody says they are going to get back in shape and shed those pounds they gained during the Christmas and New Year seasons. They are going to sign up and get fit. They tell me that it lasts probably about through the month of January. That's about the end of the matter. Not many people stay with it.
But it is important that you be fit not only physically, but it is also important that you be fit spiritually.
Look at the statement given in the last verse of the chapter. "...That the man of God..." primarily it is directed to the man of God, Timothy. It is directed to those who are in the Gospel ministry. We'll direct it to the men of God who are going to be ordained as deacons tonight. Also, we can use the term generically so that it applies to all of the people of God. "That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works."
When he says, perfect, of course he doesn't mean sinless perfection. He's talking about being complete. A good word there is fitted, to have everything necessary to be what God wants you to be.
When it says, thoroughly furnished, it means to be fully equipped. It's the picture of a ship loaded with the cargo. Or it is the picture of a football player who checks out all of the gear. To fully equip a football player takes several hundred dollars worth of equipment. Before you start the game you h ...

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