by Jerry Vines

Chest of Joash 2003
The Chest of Joash
Jerry Vines
II Chronicles 24:1-14

Next July will mark fifty years I have been preaching the gospel. I started just as a kid. For almost fifty years I have been preaching the gospel and for over forty years I have been a pastor. I have learned, along the way, the subjects which are the most sensitive when I have to deal with them. Sex is certainly one of the most sensitive subjects you will ever deal with. You have all been wondering if I was going to make a mistake somewhere along the way. So sex has to be one of the most sensitive subjects you will ever deal with in all of your ministry.
I have come to the conclusion that there is another subject which is more sensitive than that subject. It is the subject of giving.
Most people rather enjoy hearing the preacher preach about sex. I don't know a lot of folks who necessarily enjoy the preacher preaching about money, unless it is the fellowship of the First Baptist Church of Jacksonville, Florida.
There is a natural ingrained resistance to the whole matter of giving. I have observed that sometimes when the preacher gets up and starts talking about giving, there is just a natural inclination to try to figure out ways why you can't give. It is natural to come up with some reasons why you are not going to do what he is trying to get you to do.
My purpose this morning is very simple. It is to encourage all of you to become a giver in life instead of a taker. Jesus said it is more blessed to give than to receive. Our fellowship here has certainly found that to be true.
I heard a story about a pastor who was trying to raise money for a multi million dollar building. He was having some difficulty so he arranged for them to wire the pews so that he could push some buttons as he preached along and there would be an electrical shock. As he was preaching along he said, "I need some of you to commit yourself to give $500 to the Building Fund." He pushed a button and 50 m ...

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