by Jerry Vines

A Burden for the Lost
Jerry Vines
Romans 9:1-3

I want to just share my heart with you tonight and try to put something on your heart so that when you walk out of this building you will have what I'm talking about, a burden for the lost.
I guess that if I had one wish for you and for me, as we approach the coming year, it would be that every one of us would come to know what it is to have a burden for the lost. It should be the desire of every child of God to be interested in those who need to know Christ and to have a genuine interest in them coming to know the Savior as we know Him. A burden for the lost!
It is not easy to win lost people to the Lord Jesus. It has never been easy to win people to the Lord. It seems to me, in our current culture, that it is more difficult than it has ever been before to win people to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
A number of years ago I ran across a little booklet. The title said, "Soulwinning Made Easy." I never read the book. I had no interest in it because I do not believe that is true. I do not believe it is easy to win people to faith in the Lord. I believe that it takes a burdened heart. I believe it takes genuine concern and compassion to win people to the Lord.
In Isaiah 66, verse 8, the Bible says, "As soon as Zion travailed, she brought forth her children."
The spiritual message there is this. Soulwinning is like the bringing of a child into the world. Soulwinning is like giving birth to a life. It is not easy. It takes a burden. It takes travail. It takes great heaviness of heart to win people to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ shed His blood on the cross that people might be saved. Why should you and I think that we can lead people to the Lord without at least having a burden in our heart?
Do you have a burden for the lost? Are you really interested in lost people coming to know the Lord? As I speak to you, does the name of some individual come to mind? Do you have somebody ...

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