by Jerry Vines

Bring the Tithes 2003
Jerry Vines
Malachi 3:8-10

If you have been a member of our fellowship for any period of time, this is a passage of Scripture which is well worn and well marked in your Bible. Our giving in our fellowship has been built upon the passage of Scripture we are going to study this evening. It is foundational to everything that has gone on in over 60 years in our fellowship. It is the basis upon which we have been able to do everything we have done to the end of winning lost people to the Lord, helping God's people grow, and sending missionaries around the world. This passage is absolutely essential to it all.
It is helpful for us to understand the setting which brings us to this passage in the book of Malachi, the last book in the Old Testament.
Malachi was one of the last preachers for the people of God before the nation was carried away into captivity. It was a time of apostasy in the life of the nation. My dear evangelist friend, Dr. Jesse Hendley, ten years ago would have said to me, "Jerry, we are not headed for apostasy, we are in the apostasy."
I have wondered in recent days what Dr. Hendley would say about our day if he were living today. We are in a very similar circumstance in terms of the spiritual temperature of our day and the day of Malachi. So Malachi had a hard job. His assignment was to preach to a people who were in apostasy. They had fallen away from the faith.
When you read through this book of Malachi, you will find that as Malachi delivers a message, the people respond. They respond with the word, "wherein." In verse 8 Malachi raises a question, will a man rob God, yet you have robbed Me. The people respond, "wherein?"
Putting it in modern terminology today, they would really be saying, "Oh, yeah, is that so?" It was a sarcastic, rebellious, arrogant, defiant, disrespectful response. It was a response typical of the days of apostasy. As the man of God preached the Word with all of his heart, the people wou ...

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