by Robert Walker

Blood on the Ear, the Hand and the Foot
Robert Walker
Leviticus 8:22

It is not stated why the blood of one of the sacrifices was placed on the right ear, the thumb, and the toe of Aaron and his sons.

In chapter 8 of Leviticus there are 2 elements in the consecration service that illustrate for us the fact, that the priests were to be fully committed to the Lord.

This may seem a little odd to us, but this act of putting blood on the ear, thumb and toe, had a spiritual significance.

This act symbolized the following:
Blood on the Ear; symbolized the commitment of their mind to the Lord. They were to think upon Holy things.

Blood on the Thumb; symbolized that they were committing the work that they would do to the Lord. They were to fill their hands with Holy things.

Blood on the Toe; symbolized that they were committing themselves to walk in Holy Places. They were to be God’s servants from head to toe.

Perhaps it was because the priest was one who was to hear God’s word and teach it to the people. It was he who needed “clean hands” to enter into the holy place (Ex. 30:19–21), and it was he who must “stand” and it was he who must “stand” and “walk” before God.

I see a beautiful picture of total consecration, absolute commitment in service to Jesus Christ. My dear friend you are a priest that has been purchase by the precious blood of Jesus Christ.


Blood on the ear I take that to mean that we are to guard carefully what crosses that delicate bridge that leads from the secular world to the spiritual world?

Your ears need to be sanctified and anointed by the blood of Jesus Christ. And there are certain things that a blood anointed ear must not voluntarily listen to.

A Christian has no right to listen to anything he pleases. You let people use your ears as garbage cans and you will get garbage out. You are what you listening to.

Listen to negative things and dull your activities for God. I believe th ...

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