by Jesse Hendley

The Approach to God -- By Blood!
Jesse M. Hendley
Exodus 12:13

I would like to speak to you today just as though I were able to sit there in the room and talk to you. There is nothing more important in this world than your absolutely knowing God's plan of salvation, of knowing that you are saved, of knowing it is well with your soul, of knowing that if you die today you will go into glory, to be with the Lord.

There is so much confusion about this that we cannot take it for granted that people know the way. We must come back to the Word of God again and again and look into the mirror of God's way to understand. I want to remind you, my friends, that you and I are a dying people, that everyone of us needs God. I need God, you need God, everyone of us needs God. We can do without people, we can do without things, but we cannot do without God. He is our Supreme Necessity. You need God. You are a dying person. I'm a dying person.

The other day I received a letter from a friend I have known over the years. His wife slipped away to be with Christ. This man who wrote a little note to me about what the Word of God had meant in encouragement to their hearts going through this serious illness. This man said, "She was the sweetest Christian I ever knew." He was talking about his own wife. "She was the sweetest Christian I ever knew." He said, "We have a date to meet with the Lord Jesus out yonder in the future." Ah, the Lord left him for a reason, when the Lord took her to be with Himself.

In those moments as they were going through this experience, the Great Need above all other needs was God. Everything else faded into insignificance. As this woman was dying, gradually family faded out, children faded out, work faded out, making meals and going through house duties faded out, and finally, that wonderful husband who ministered to her so graciously and loved her so dearly faded out, too. And then what? CHRIST! There we have the Lord Jesus. There is GOD.

Oh ...

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