by Jesse Hendley

Tell Me How to Be Saved in Five Minutes
Jesse M. Hendley
First Corinthians 1

(A Message on the Cross)

In First Corinthians 1 we read, "For the preaching of the Cross...." I want to stop right there to remind you that the word "preaching" here in the Greek is LOGOS, and it means literally, WORD. It carries with it the sense of MESSAGE. The word of the Cross, the MESSAGE of the Cross. . . "is to them that perish foolishness, but unto us who are saved, it is the power of God." The word of the Cross, the message of the Cross, is to them that are perishing FOOLISHNESS! But to us who are saved it is THE POWER OF GOD.

So LOGOS means word, and a word conveys a message. A person has a thought and speaks a WORD. Another person catches that word and translates it into the thought and understands what the other is speaking. It is communication.

God is speaking unto us, God is speaking to the men of the world, God is speaking today. If God had a great megaphone and spoke through it, He couldn't say more than He is saying today here in the pages of the Bible.

He is speaking to men today through THE CROSS! Nineteen hundred years ago outside the walls of the city of Jerusalem three crosses were raised. Three people died on those crosses. Two were convicted criminals. The One on that central Cross was the Son of the Living God! Absolutely spotless, He had never sinned. He had never done anything wrong. There was never an evil thought to cross His Mind. No evil word was ever on His lips. There was no evil deed that Jesus Christ ever did. No human being could ever convince Him of sin. He never confessed any sin. He never confessed to God. He was the sinless Son of the Living God!

"What was He doing on that Cross if He had never done anything wrong?" He was dying as a Lamb of Sacrifice to pay for the sins of sinners! There on that central Cross was something that heathen religions never knew---GOD, DYING FOR THE SINNER. Heathen religious have never known anythin ...

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