by Jesse Hendley

Taught of God
Jesse M. Hendley
Psalm 71:17

A Message to Young People

Psalm 71:17 has some very wonderful things in it that will bless your heart! The Psalmist David said, "O God, Thou hast taught me from my youth: and hitherto have I declared Thy wondrous works."

One Pupil and God

This is an extraordinary thing, this matter of "God's School." It had only one pupil in it---David.

When I was in one seminary there were only four of us in the class studying Hebrew. What a wonderful privilege it is to be in a class where there are not too many people! My, we just pulled out of that teacher everything we could. He would stay after school and we would talk with him, you know, and it was like having a personal tutor. How different when there are many, many people in the classroom.

Many people in our seminary studied Greek. Our class was just flooded with people. They came from everywhere. The man was a great teacher, but as far as any personal teaching was concerned, we didn't get it. So you see the difference. It is one thing to be ONE PUPIL; it is another thing to be one among MANY pupils.

When I was a young Christian God gave me contact with a, great man of God and gave me entrance into his heart. Sometimes we would sit on the side of the road till two o'clock in the morning. He would talk to me about the Bible. I was just a young Christian and my heart was hungry for the Word of God, and I would pull out of him everything I could, and he would talk to me joyfully, joyously, about the Word of God. I owe that man a debt I'll never be able to pay. He is in heaven today. I appreciate him so much as the days go by.

But, you see, I was going to school to one man. If you want to learn something, go to somebody who KNOWS what you want to know, and get into their heart, and let them get into your heart, and you will be able to learn much from that individual.

Now here was a Great School---one pupil, David! He had undivided attention. He could get ...

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