by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
John 1:1-18

Friends, today we want to think about our Blessed Lord, the creation, His manifestation, and His reception in this world.

In John chapter 1 we read of Christ in His creation, the prehistorical Deity of our Lord Jesus Christ. There we have Jesus as Creator, His prehistorical Deity as He created the world. Sometimes we do not realize this, that the Son of God Whom we worship is far more than man! He is GOD.

We read in Genesis these words, "He made the stars also." Our Lord did make stars. The study of stars is an amazing thing, and here in the Word of God we read that the literal stars out yonder in space were MADE by the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thousands of years ago, in Asia Minor men watching the heavens at night noticed that some of the pin-points of light MOVED, and moved in relation to one another. They slowly came to understand that these "wanderers" (the Greek word meaning "to wander," from which we get our word PLANET) were really moving in regular orbits. They noticed that these planets were circling around the sun, and that the sun itself was merely another star. They knew about this tremendous solar system of ours. We think our earth is big, being some 8,000 miles in diameter, and yet the sun is 864,000 miles in diameter. AND JESUS CHRIST MADE IT ALL!

Jesus made the earth for our habitation. You know, the planet Mercury could not support life as we know it. Mercury is only 36,000,000 miles from the sun and has seven times our heat and light, so life as we know it here would not abide on Mercury. Uranus is called the Frozen Planet because it is so far distant from the sun and so cold that with such little light and warmth life as we know it could not be sustained on that planet. This great universe with its billions of stars all circling in perfect precision was THE CREATION of THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.

"In the beginning was the Word." Christ was IN THE BEGINNING. Before and apart from Him wa ...

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