by Jesse Hendley

Speaking with Tongues
Jesse M. Hendley
I Corinthians 14:1-25

What does the Word of God have to say about speaking with tongues. It is important that we understand it. Also, in this period when there is much apostasy up and down the land there is a movement that is going on called, from the Greek word glossa and to speak, Glossalolia means speaking with tongues. Where you run into the word you will find it. There is a movement strangely enough it has moved greatly among our Episcopalian friends and also among our Presbyterian friends and it has moved also into some of our Baptist areas, this idea of Glossalolia, speaking in tongues. People have gotten quite upset about it.

Not long ago one of our men right here in Georgia had an unusual experience with the spirit of God but he didn't call it this particular movement. I'm for anything where our lives are filled with God's Spirit and where God's spirit moves with power. I was talking with this lady the other day who was greatly distressed about this matter, and by the way a little bit later we had the privilege of leading her to Christ. She found out that she had just been a church member and she never really had been saved. She had gotten to the place of even thinking about taking her life. She was greatly distressed. Finally she just burst out and said, sometimes I wonder if I'm saved or not. So right at that point we said, well the best thing to do is find out about that now. So we had the privilege of leading her to the Lord Jesus Christ. She never really had found Christ as her Saviour and as her Lord.

That's the important thing because then the spirit of God comes in. I called her particular attention to this one fact and you can put that down at the very outset and nail it down and remember it as long as you live. Wherever you find a group of people who speak more about the Holy Spirit then they do Jesus Christ, you just put it down that it is not of the Spirit because he does no ...

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