by Jesse Hendley

Short Beds and Narrow Covers
Jesse M. Hendley
Isaiah 28:20

God uses sarcasm! God uses very terrible words many times. People sometimes think He does not, but He does. And here are the words of Isaiah, the prophet of God, one of God's greatest mouthpieces, a man filled with God's Spirit, and he is telling the nation of Israel that JUDGMENT IS COMING, because "the bed is shorter than a man can stretch himself on it and the covering narrower than he can wrap himself in it."

Notice the picture there! We see the picture of a man on a bed that is too short for him. The bed is cut off; or he is too long. Some very tall people cannot sleep on beds made for average sized people, you know, and they have to have special beds made. Here is a man on a bed that is too short for him, and he can't stretch himself out.

What does that mean? Well, you're tired at night. You want to sleep. Your eyes are heavy. You need rest. You need recuperation. You need refreshing. So you lie down on a bed, but you find that you can't stretch out. You can't relax. You are all curled up in a knot. You are tense during the night. Perhaps in your own case at some time you were in a knot---you didn't have enough cover or something---and you were miserable when you awoke the next morning. You had been miserable and restless all night long. Is there anything worse than a man tossing and tumbling all night because he can't stretch out and relax and let go and fall asleep and be refreshed? That's the picture. No rest! NO REST FOR ISRAEL, says Isaiah.

"The covering narrower than he can wrap himself in it." Too little cover! It is cold, and there isn't enough cover. Some nights it is warm at first, but in the early morning hours it gets cold, and you reach for cover and it isn't there, and you have to get up and go get some cover. Or perhaps you just toss and tumble in semi-consciousness, and the next morning you are all worn out. Not refreshed, not rested! Now that's what God is saying.

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