by Jesse Hendley

Sexual Sins
Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 1:18

Turn with me to Romans the first chapter and we will begin with verse 18. The world was shocked with the death of Rock Hudson. I will never forget that picture that they showed all the world of this Hollywood matinee idol and his gaunt look just before he died. My heart really felt terrible for him. My heart goes out to anybody that is face to face with all sort of trials and difficulties and that sort, but it turned out of course that he had this very dreadful disease that is called AIDS. And it is a deadly disease as you very well know. It shocked the nation and shocked the world. There is the deadliness of it. There is no cure for it. To have it is to have no cure. It is mainly transmitted by sexual acts and was born largely among the classification of people called homosexuals. One of the hot-beds of this terrible disease is Haiti, and many of the people down there engage in this sexual activity.

Let me start right at the very beginning and say I am not standing here trying to condemn anybody. That isn't my business at all. I am not a judge of anybody, nor am I trying to tell anybody my views. All I am is a student of the Bible and applying it to life as we have it today. But everybody that really bows before God, bows before the Bible, must understand that the Bible speaks very plainly on this sin, homosexuality, as we find it.

I remember not very long ago being in Atlanta on a radio program and we had a conversation going on, a dialogue, and this man claimed to be a preacher and he was what they call 'gay,' and he claimed to be a representative of God. He had a Bible in his hand, and in interrogation he said to the interrogator, "We go with Jesus, we don't go with Paul". Well, that is very interesting because Paul sure went with Jesus, and the Lord Jesus went with Paul. That shows you to what length people will go to try to avoid truth and to justify sin.

Ladies and gentlemen, we cann ...

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