by Jesse Hendley

Seven Secrets God Has Revealed
Jesse M. Hendley
Mark 4:11

Now, friends, if you have your Bibles, I would like for you to turn with me to Mark 4:11. This is one of the most important studies we can possibly make. I speak of THE SEVEN MYSTERIES OF GOD, which He HAS REVEALED unto His own people in the New Testament, God's "secrets" which He has REVEALED unto us!

We find Seven Wonderful Things that give to us the whole plan of God as found here in the New Testament under the term, "mystery." The Greek work, musterion, means not just "secret," but "a secret DISCLOSED." We have to be careful about the English words in our Bibles, because the true BIBLE meaning may be somewhat differing from the meaning of the word as it is used today. And so it is with this word "mystery." A mystery today is something that you can't understand. "It is a mystery to me," people say; and so it is, if it is something they do not understand. But the opposite is true in the Bible: A MYSTERY in the Bible is "a secret that is NOW DISCLOSED BY GOD to people who are capable of understanding His secrets." God is REVEALING His "secrets" to His people.

Three Passages of Scripture

Let me give you three passages of Scripture that prove what I am saying. Jesus, in Mark 4:11, spoke to the people in parables, and the disciples said unto Him, "Lord why do you talk to these people in parables?" And Jesus said, "Unto YOU it is given TO KNOW the mysteries of the Kingdom of God. The secrets about God's Kingdom, God has REVEALED to YOU. YOU KNOW God's secrets about His Kingdom, His plans and purposes and what His Kingdom is, what He is planning to do. You are 'on the inside' of the knowledge of God. You are God's friends, to whom He can disclose His secrets about the Kingdom. But PARABLES are for those who are 'on the outside' (isn't that a terrible statement?), those who ARE NOT AMONG God's friends to whom He can reveal His Truth." Not that God doesn't WANT to do it; He tried to reveal it to e ...

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