by Jesse Hendley

Repent and Believe the Gospel
Jesse M. Hendley
Mark 1:14-15

Beginning the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ. His Galilean ministry. Now these are words Jesus said in which salvation is contained. These words repent and believe ye the gospel. Now you will notice the word gospel is good news. Now the Lord Jesus says, repent and believe the gospel or good news, and it is good news. The first word He said was, repent.

One of the great reasons today I believe that many people are lacking in experience with God, vital Christian experience is because there has been no real ground work of real repentance.

The other day I was reading the testimony of an engineer, a man who was used to getting things to work, and this man said that I was able to get things to work in my engineering field, my business, and he said I had a nice home, lovely wife and a daughter and seemingly everything that could bring happiness and contentment but I was the most miserable man in all the world because I couldn't get my life to work.

There are a lot of people just like that, can't get life to work. He said I had fears and I had disturbance inside, crippling within. I ran scared, he said life seemed to be phony to me, pointless to me and there didn't seem to be any real purpose to life and he said I was afraid to turn off the noise and the music, I was actually afraid to sit alone with myself and stare eternity in the face, stare God in the face and I began to be so disturbed that I finally began to drink. And he said, drink began to get a hold on me. And I thought what I need is a change of place and location so I'd go away and I found that I was the same man over yonder somewhere else that I was in the home and it didn't make any difference. Change of place wasn't the answer to my misery on the inside. And then I'd say well I'll buck the tide and be tough and all that.

He said I'd preach to myself and go drink and I'd go off to another place and g ...

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