by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Amos 7

Tonight I want to speak to you from the seventh chapter of Amos on God's plumbline. This is a terrific chapter, we've dealt with just a little bit of it but we didn't get to the main portion, the portion about the plumbline and it's a very important thing that we find here in the book of Amos because it's parallel to what's going on in the world today. We find out that God said that there's going to come a famine in the word of God and believe me, we have it now. My son lives in an area where there is a group of young people you know, coming up now and they are in this great debate about the word of God and about the truth of the Bible, and so-on.

So the other night they got together a group of their youngsters and had a visiting man. I'm not going to tell you his denomination, not because I'm afraid to but I just don't think I ought to. So this man was to talk to them and they were inquiring about particularly, the Lord's coming. And my son just can't get over it, he's- just shocked to death what the man told them. He said be didn't believe most of the Bible was the word of God, didn't believe Jesus is coming again, didn't believe there's a hell and believed that man evolved instead of created as God says in the Bible. And I repeat, You can't believe both if you have any reasoning powers at all. Nobody can believe in evolution and the direct creation of man direct from the hand of God, to save his life. He can't do it and my son just sat there dumfounded. He was prepared to talk with the man about the Lord's coming and give him Bible and all but the man didn't believe the Bible.

So where do you go from there? How are you going to talk with somebody that doesn't believe in the Bible? When you want to talk with them about the Bible as the word of God. I asked him finally, I gave up and asked him seven different times so I could be dead sure Igot the answer. Well what in the world do you want to be in th ...

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