by Jesse Hendley

Peace with God
Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 6:7

Now friends, if you have your Bibles, turn with me to one of the most wonderful Scriptures in the entire Bible. It's in Romans 6 and verse 7. I know it will be a blessing to your heart as it has been to mine. I'm planning to go to heaven on it, because it's the Word of God and God means what He says.

Our subject is "Peace with God." I do not believe that there are many people who have peace with God. I think there are many people who want peace with God and are willing to come God's way, which is absolutely necessary, if they know what it is. So, I am determined, whatever days God gives me to live in this world, to try to make plain the Gospel of God.

Now "Gospel" means "good news" and "of God" means "from God." GOOD NEWS FROM GOD. God has good news for us sinners. I don't have to die in my sins; I don't have to be lost; I don't have to go to hell. I can have peace with God now. I can die in peace and I can be guaranteed of heaven. I can know and enjoy it now on the way.

One precious lady said, "Every time my pastor walks out onto that platform, I wonder whether I'm saved or not." Now, somehow or other, in much of the preaching that goes out today, people never learn that real Gospel. One person said of an evangelist who gets a lot of church members to come forward to receive Christ, "He gets even the saved, saved." Now, that's supposed to be a humorous remark, because saved people are saved. What he means is there are a lot of people who are trusting Jesus, but they're not sure about God's method of salvation by which they can have peace.

You and I cannot serve God, live a happy life, be victorious, or be what God wants us to be unless we come God's way. My dearest loved ones can't tell me I'm saved. Nobody can, but I must know it in my own heart. I must know that I have peace with God.

Here's a wonderful Scripture, Romans 6:7, "For he that is dead is freed from sin." Now, in this par ...

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