by Kenneth Boa

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Prayer (6 of 6)
Dr. Ken Boa

We've been talking about some principles about petitions. Particularly we were looking at 10 principles of asking in the will of God, and faith, being specific, being thankful in all things, asking in the power of the Spirit, asking in fellowship, being persistent in our prayers, and also being united, that is to say encouraging the fellowship of one another as we pray together and unite our hearts and minds in the common interest, and always remember that prayer is accomplished and empowered as we do it in the name of Jesus.

But this morning I want to focus on 10 hindrances to answered prayer. I want to say that sometimes God will answer prayer and sometimes He won't and it'll have nothing to do with these hindrances. I want to stress that. Sometimes God's answer will be wait. You ever have that happen? There's a lot of times when He says, "Wait!" because His timing is systematically different from my own. Almost never is God's timing what I'd like it to be. It's almost always later than I like it to be. And so in my prayers there needs to be this whole idea, this theme of waiting on God.

You see it throughout the Psalms: wait on the Lord and He will be there. Sometimes His answer will be no, and when this happens it may just be that God's plan is different from our own. We have to come to see that. That's why we have to surrender ourselves to His loving purposes and will. Asking Jesus then to be all for us and for me to recognize that I really come from God, I'm here for a purpose, and I'm going back to the Father and that I'm secure, and that even if He says no, there's a better reason for it. Very often when He's said no to my particular prayers, He's opened up something far more creative than what I had in mind to begin with. That's why we've often heard that phrase, "Thank God for unanswered prayers." I think many of us, I know I myself, would be ruined if all my prayers had been answered the way I wanted them to be a ...

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