by Kenneth Boa

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Prayer (5 of 6)
Dr. Ken Boa

We're going to be talking about the question of unanswered prayer. A lot of people raise this question. We were talking last week about a variety of kinds of prayer: prayers of adoration, prayers of confession, of renewal. There were a variety of kinds of prayer, and we observed as well that when we were doing this, chances are, if you're like most people, the order or the quantity of these kinds of prayers in Scripture is real different from our own quantity.

I'll go back to this in just a moment, but last week we noticed just to summarize that adoration in our case is probably number five, if we had a list of adoration, confession, petition, intercession, and thanksgiving, but it's number one in the Scriptures. So there's something interesting about this. Why is it the most frequent kind of prayer in Scripture and the least likely one for us to use ourselves?

I once experimented with a group of men, and I said we're just going to have for the next 10 minutes, prayers of thanksgiving and adoration, no prayers of petition. So I really stressed this, OK? We weren't going to slip back into the petition mode here. Darned if they didn't go back into petition within two minutes. They just couldn't help it. They slipped it in one way or another.

We find ourselves slipping it in, and there's something about petition -- number one for us and number five in the Scriptures in terms of the frequency again, and it seems odd. We were saying part of it is because we feel somehow that God needs to reminded about all our needs, as if He didn't know what they were. But we're suggesting that it's needful for us to have a balanced diet of prayer. That's why there are different kinds of prayer that you see, and certainly petition and intercession are among them.

Today while we talk about the question of unanswered prayer, it's also important for us to see that there are other kinds of prayers besides petitionary prayers, and it's needful ...

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