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Dr. Ken Boa

Last time when we were together, we were looking at a number of aspects about the Lord's prayer. I am not going to go over them again, but we did a lot of alliteration, a lot of "A's" here -- Accentuate God's priority, and Acclaim God as holy and righteous. Margaret responded by sending me this thing the day after, and she said that, "Yesterday's teaching at the cathedral of St. Philip, all alliteration aside, catch the "A's" here was.

"An awfully arresting analysis of an artful, astounding and accurate analysis of the ability and the advantages of addressing the almighty Abba in an aboundingly accessible account of adoration asking for alimentation, advice and answers, ability to appropriate, armor and alliance against the adversary's attacks and accusations, and assurance of approval for ashamed, agonized and anxious apostates whose ambition has ambushed, abused and afflicted their acquaintances, accepting admonishment and anointing from the Advocate and Author of all ages, as always, amen and amen."

I thought that was pretty creative. I don't know, do you think she was trying to tell me something? I am not sure. I might be a little slow on this. But she is very creative. And this morning I thought it would be very interesting for us to move into the area of prayer, and specifically the kinds of prayers that we observe in both the scriptures and the way we pray ourselves. And I just picked out five for this little exercise here. And I thought it would be fascinating if we were to look at these five kinds of prayers: adoration, confession, petition, intercession [and thanksgiving].

If petition is the one we find ourselves using the most, what might be the second one that we use the most in our prayers? What do you suppose it might be? Thanksgiving? Do you think that is number two? Yes. Do you think it is in yours? Yes, but we are saying what we do. We are not talking about what we should do; we are ta ...

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